Sunday, 29 March 2015

Over by 8pm

Our night out was over and done with by 8pm. The service and quality of food was dire. We made it halfway through the starter, then after Mark had spoken to the Manager, we left. On the way home we picked up a Chinese takeaway, which was delicious.

It's rained all day at Number 38, but this little splash of colour on the fireplace has made up for it. 
We went a bit retro with activities today which tends to the case when Grandma is visiting. Thomas loves it.

We played lots of card games and she also taught Thomas how to play clock patience. The anticipation of whether he was going to do it or not was practically giving him palpitations! I can remember playing this for ages when I was little. Oh, how easily we were entertained back then.

Tom had his usual delivery of 'meals on wheels' courtesy of Number 38 and seems to be doing a bit better over the past few days. The 'Macmillan' nurse came out to see him last week. Only she isn't a Macmillan nurse, she's called a 'specialist palliative care nurse'. 
The main thing she's done is allay the fear he seems to have of taking more than 2 spoons of oramorph each day regardless of the pain he's in. She's told him that he can actually take it every 2 hours if he needs to along with some paracetamol which seems to be doing the trick and keeping the pain at bay. If it comes back though we have to ring the hospice and let them know. 

It's been quite a busy weekend so it's feet up time now and a Sunday afternoon film recommended by mum. I really don't think you can beat a bit of Colin Firth. 
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.


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