Sunday, 8 March 2015

Muppets and Zombie Dolls

Conversation over Sunday lunch:
Me: Amy, do you feel OK?
Amy: Yeah, why?
Me: Your lips are blue
Amy: Oh, last night, (sleepover), me and M tried to make our lips look fuller by sucking into a body spray lid
Mark: You're a pair of muppets
Thomas: Amy's a muppet, Amy's a muppet

I resurrected the peg dolls today and Mark drilled holes through them for the arms. No matter how much glue I used to stick the pipe cleaners on they just wouldn't hold. Why do tutorials make things look a lot easier than they actually are. 
Anyway, the dolls now have arms even if they do look a bit like zombies needing orthopaedic surgery. I'm hoping the heads will make them more human. 
I cooked a chicken yesterday and plated some up with a salad for Tom's tea. He'd not had a good night and was tired. There's nothing worse than not feeling well and having to fend for yourself with drinks and food so we try to help him out on his bad days. I also sent Amy up with a roast beef lunch for him and some rhubarb crumble and custard. He's welcome to come down but I don't think he can be bothered getting dressed and I think we make too much noise for him. Mark is going to ring his Macmillan nurse this week to ask if somebody could pop in and just generally see how he's getting on. 

Apart from that it's been a pretty average Sunday, barring me nearly ringing 999 thinking Amy was having some sort of cardiac problem. 

It's been the sort of Sunday that thousands of households across the country are having, especially those with children. Sunday lunch, ironing uniforms, checking PE kits and school bags, making packed lunches, last minute homework, baths, showers and early nights. All ready for another week. 


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