Monday, 23 March 2015

Lots of ordinary

Not much out of the ordinary has happened at Number 38 today. Not that anything out of the ordinary ever really happens. My ramblings on here just cover our everyday life.

I have 'won' two more items from Ebay though. The pink quilt will be used for under 7's as it's a teeny bit see through and the one with circles is for the older girls. It's 100% cotton and will cover their modesty.
Amy picked up her new glasses last week. She is under threat of being hung, drawn and quartered if she leaves them hanging around again for the dog to chew. They really suit her, but she's too shy now to pose for a photo for Mum's blog.

I have finished 'If I Stay'. I read till well past midnight, probably due to the fact that I had to keep wiping the tears from my eyes and re-focus on the words. Since having Amy and Thomas my hormones have never quite been the same and the slightest thing can bring a lump to my throat but this paragraph made me cry like a baby.
Added to my long list of jobs that comes with a Monday at Number 38 has been Tom's back rub. Mark has also taken him shopping, sorted out some banking for him and been to visit Joan. None of these things are hard, there's just a lot of them to do some days.  


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