Thursday, 19 March 2015

It's on its way

Spring that is. It's definitely been in the air at Number 38 today. The sun is shining, birds are singing, we have daffodils and we even have a lamb, albeit a chocolate one.
It's been lovely to have the doors open, not least because the dogs can come and go as they please without me constantly having to get up and down.

I've had the sewing machine out and while I've been sat the sun has been warming my neck, shoulders and back - perfect for my constantly cold bones.
All this spring weather has led us into discussing the garden and what to do this year. It needs a good clear out and some more gravel and we never did buy that pond we discussed. Which might be just as well because Thomas has declared he's too big for a paddling pool now and has his eye on one of these. His selling point to us is "we wouldn't have to pay to go swimming".

There are vague discussions about building a conservatory; would we use it, would it just be another room to clean, would it become a dumping ground. Mark has always liked the idea of one though so it will probably materialise at some point, though whether that will be this year or not remains to be seen.

However, I expect tomorrow when spring decides she's not quite ready to play out and it's cloudy and raining again, all plans will be shelved. The heating will be cranked up, the doors firmly shut once more and the garden will be forgotten about until the next sunny day.


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