Sunday, 15 March 2015

How long did yours last?

Mothers Day that is. Mine lasted about 30 minutes. But it was a very nice 30 minutes. Lots of hugs, kisses, cuddles and gifts. There was even a bacon butty courtesy of Mark.

Thomas bought me this. He chose it himself.
And he made me these at school.
Amy knows me very well. She bought me a lovely notebook set and a beautiful scarf with a cherry blossom pattern on it.
Then after more hugs and kisses normality resumed. Amy slunk off to have a long, hot shower. Thomas meandered upstairs and got back into bed with his ipad. Mark turned on the gogglebox and watched a fishing programme.

And what did I do. Well, I prepped the veg for lunch, cooked the lunch, did a spot of uniform ironing, helped Thomas with his homework, put a load of washing in and pegged a load out!

After taking lunch up to Tom we all visited Joan who is in fine fettle. We took her a little flowering plant for her bedroom but to be honest she was much more interested in the bag of chocolate eclairs which she devoured there and then.
Back home I decided to indulge myself. I put my PJ's on, made myself a brew and watched Bertie and Elizabeth. 

And there endeth Mothers Day 2015 at Number 38. Hope you all had a lovely one.


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