Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Give me a clue

Amy had food tech today. If I didn't tell you these were cherry cupcakes with a butter cream icing would you be able to guess? I've no idea what goes on at school, (a lot of messing around I think), but she makes delicious cakes at home. Thank goodness she doesn't take offence easily as they went straight in the bin.
I'm suffering with a bad back. I went to Southport with Mark yesterday and we had a meander up Lord Street. Trouble is, I struggle to walk as slow as Mark does. I have to stride out and walk at a fairly fast pace otherwise I tend to seize up. I've no idea why, but strolling along means I definitely suffer the day after.   

For a couple of weeks now Mark has been subtly working on Tom about using a wheelchair when he goes out shopping. He's not keen on the idea but his walking has become so slow it can take ages to get just a couple of things done. It all boils down to pride; I don't think he wants the neighbours to see him using one, but he'd only need to get in it when we arrived at our destination. I had him laughing though. I said if he didn't use a wheelchair when we go to Lytham I'd put him on a donkey at one end of the beach and he'd have to trot down to the other end to meet us. Either that or I'll end up in the wheelchair the pace him and Mark go. 

I've added some new colours to my sewing box supplies. There's a great haberdashery stall on the indoor market at Bury which is proving to be very handy for me. I used the orange on today's dress, the blue will be used tomorrow and Friday will be another pink day.
Here is dress number 3. I just need to find some material for a pocket. Nothing I've got matches and I do like a bit of co-ordination. That's the only trouble with pillowcase dresses, there's no material left over to work with.

I bought some white socks, which means Thomas will be donning this little lot tomorrow instead of his uniform. 
And Amy got tights for school and chewing gum. To run out of gum is on a par with running out of clean knickers. I can only think it must be a teenage girl thing.



  1. A very large choc orange vegan layer cake went in the bin here today. It was a new recipe and absolutely yuk. I'm not a fan of slow walking, either, much prefer a brisk pace. You did a great job with the Wimpy Kid face.

  2. What a shame, the choc orange cake sounds lovely, you'll have to find another recipe. The butter cream had actually curdled and I think she'd been swinging her back around on the way home. The worrying thing is she made 8 which means Amy & friends have eaten 3. Hope I'm not going to get sued. xx