Friday, 27 March 2015

Car Crash

No, not me and Cherry thankfully. My aunty and uncle were in a car crash last night. They were driving along minding their own business doing 30 mph as they should have been when the two cars behind them decided to overtake at the same time. They crashed into each other then careered into my uncle's car, sending it into a verge. The car tipped over onto it's side trapping them both inside. Thankfully, some good Samaritan broke in through the back window and managed to get them out. Miraculously, considering they are both in their 70's they suffered nothing more than bruising and were back home a couple of hours after being checked out in hospital. 

Me and Mark had only been saying earlier in the week that drivers seem to be getting worse. They always seem to be in a rush to get somewhere and if they're not overtaking, they're undertaking and pushing in front of you. Years ago it used to be the 'young boy racers' who were the culprits, but probably due to cost we don't actually see many youngsters driving now. It tends to be your 30-50 year olds who should certainly know better.

I posted my parcel today and after taking 4 little dresses out I was back under the 2 kilos. I've made a note of how many dresses I put in so hopefully I won't have to mess around re-packing next time.

Thomas has put the first coat on the darlek egg. Looks like it might take a few more though.

It's going to be a busy weekend. Amy's friend is sleeping over tonight and Mum is staying over tomorrow. We can't find a film that appeals so we're going to go for a meal instead. I quite like people staying, although I tend to agree with one of Mum's sayings that 'fish and visitors start to stink after 3 days'. 


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