Friday, 20 March 2015

Burial vs. Black Pudding

Tom's sister's husband died 2 weeks ago. As yet the funeral is still to take place. I'm sure it never used to take this long to bury people. My Dad was certainly done and dusted in a week although he died in a hospice so a PM didn't need to be carried out. 

Uncle Alex, Toms's brother, spends most of the year at his apartment in Tenerife, but has flown home so that he can attend the funeral, whenever it is, which I think is lovely of him.

Tom isn't quite like his brother though. He was speaking to his widowed sister on the phone yesterday while Mark was there and Mark couldn't believe it when Tom said "just think on when you're booking the funeral Betty that I go shopping in Bury every Wednesday". It obviously goes without saying that Tom's weekly purchase of a black pudding and a chicken leg takes precedent over anything else that's happening in the world!

I suspect this photo is one of many thousands posted on the internet today, but it's got to go on Number 38's blog for posterity. 
Amy's school ordered 1,000 pairs of glasses so they could go out and experience the eclipse and Thomas' school went into the hall where they watched it on screen. Then at 9.30am (our maximum cover time in Manchester), they were taken into the playground so they could see it 'live'. 

I was pregnant with Amy when the last major eclipse took place in 1999 and it will be interesting to see where we will all be in 2026 when the next one happens.


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