Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Big Boys

I read in school this morning. I only go in once a week now, other things kept cropping up which took priority so rather than keep letting the teacher down, I decided to just do Tuesdays.

I managed to find some white card for the Wimpy Kid mask. Not an easy task actually as it needed to be A3 as the cartoon character has a big head. Anyway, take one plate, a pair of scissors, a black pen, white card and hey presto, within 5 minutes The Wimpy Kid was born.
Amy's friend came round tonight with her boyfriend. He's in Year 11 so is 16, a year older than the girls. Oh. My. Goodness. He was HUGE. Not fat, just tall and broad and he looks about 21. It didn't take long for Thomas to cajole 'the big boy' into play fighting with him. It started as a bit of tickling, moved onto wrestling on the floor and ended up with them brandishing wooden swords at each other. It came as no surprise as it's exactly the same routine when Matthew comes round and he's 28. 

Tuesday's dress of the day is this little pink number for a 4-5 year old. Personally, I prefer it just as it is but......
.... the girls like pockets and buttons and who am I to deny them such a simple request, so this is the finished product.
It's Bury tomorrow so I might have to cheat and cut out the next one tonight so that it's ready to sew when I get home.


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