Monday, 30 March 2015

Age Gap

Sometimes the gap between Amy and Thomas seems huge and today was one of those days.

Important things in Thomas' life at the moment.... 

.... Making the darlek for the Easter Egg competition. I drew the oblongs and Thomas coloured them in. Then Mark poked 2 holes in with a needle so he could stick the guns in.
.... The school concert. One of the songs Thomas' class are singing  is Aux Champs Elysees which he's been practising tonight.
.... Times Tables. By the end of Year 4 the children are expected to know all their times tables. I think once he's got his 8's sorted, he's pretty much there. 

And in Amy's life.......  

... Although we're not going abroad this year she's been invited to Bulgaria with her friend for 10 days in the summer holidays. So, today I've been filling forms in on-line to renew her passport 
.... Exams. She has geography GCSE exams this week so her head is buried in books revising.

.... Work Experience Placement. Proving difficult to find as most companies won't take on anybody under 16 due to insurance reasons. Those who can't find a placement will be 'put to work' in the school library. From the sounds of it, the library will be full to overflowing with Year 10 students. 

No matter how wide the gap between them though, they'll always be my babies.


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