Friday, 6 March 2015

A&E visit

I was sat in A&E with Amy first thing this morning. She twisted her ankle last night and even after 12 hours of rest and painkillers she still couldn't put any weight on it. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait too long for an x-ray and the diagnosis of no broken bones, just a bad sprain was a big relief. 

Even though I 'lost' 2.5 hours of my day at NMGH I still managed to fit in my 5th and final dress, although it was at the expense of some housework. I excelled today and put a contrasting colour on the neck and ties and sewed a kangaroo pocket on. My five dresses in five days challenge has been achieved.
I 'won' some material on e-bay earlier in the week which arrived today. It's actually a single quilt and I'll get 5 dresses out of this - 1 x 3 years, 2 x 8 years and 2 x 10 years. It's ages since I've bid for anything on ebay and I've forgotten how exciting it can be when you're the winner; especially when you don't pay very much for what you've bought.
Amy's friend is sleeping over and they've just spent an hour in the kitchen making a rainbow cake. They've now decided to exercise Amy's ankle and have walked to the shops for icing sugar. It looks much better than the cherry muffins she brought home from school, so I think I'll be having a piece of this.
And the best bit is they've cleared up after themselves and my kitchen is as tidy as it was when they started. 


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