Saturday, 7 February 2015

Trying to Post Dresses

Over the past week I have really got caught up with making these little dresses. Each one still takes me quite a while to complete but I get there in the end. Working in from the left the 1st one is from a duvet set I already had, the 2nd, 4th & 5th were from pillowcases that cost 49p each and the owl material was left over from my quilt. There's also the one I made out of Tom's pillowcase, but I missed this off the photo. So, very little outlay for a good cause and a great deal of personal enjoyment. 
I took them to the local post office this morning. There was one cashier working and a woman at the till who seemed to be emptying her piggy bank. I was 5th in the queue so after 10 minutes of waiting and her showing no signs of finishing any time soon I gave up and came home. I'll try again on Monday when I drop Thomas off at school. 

Tom is treating us all to a meal out tonight. Matthew and Sophie are coming along as well so it'll be nice for us all to be together. Mum is coming down to babysit Thomas and even though we won't be back late she'll stay over and have lunch with us tomorrow. As she said when I invited her 'it would be rude not to'. 

I have just ironed 12 shirts plus everything else that was in the ironing pile, so I'm going to find something nice to do for myself now. 



  1. those are so lovely and will be well loved by their new owners I'm sure xxx

  2. Thank you. I'll be trying the charity shops in Bury tomorrow to see if I can find any more pillowcases/material. xx