Monday, 9 February 2015

Mugged for a phone

Thomas asked me to bake some cookies last week which I promised him I would do, but I forgot. Anyway, these will be waiting for him when he gets in from school tonight. The recipe is from BBC Good Food and they have the same texture and taste as Millie's Cookies. I got 20 out of the mixture which is a steal considering how much the real ones cost.
The only person who seems to be taking any notice of the points raised at the family meeting is Thomas. He's appeared twice now with an empty toilet roll in his hand to tell me quite seriously that "somebody has broken the rules". He wants to be a policeman when he grows up and I think he'll make a mighty fine one.

I managed to post the dresses today and I cut out another one for a teenager so it's all ready to sew in the week.

Tomorrow night I'm meeting up with two friends for a meal. Over the weekend one of them had an early morning phone call from her son, who is in his early 20's. He'd been mugged and had his phone stolen. He ended up in A&E with facial injuries and smashed teeth. She took him to the emergency dentist yesterday and they took x-rays but they can't do anything for at least a week as his jaw and face are too badly swollen. She's having a bit of a time at the moment and is feeling thoroughly fed up.

Anyway, when she arrives tomorrow night the wine will be waiting for her, the floor will be all hers and we won't be saying a word until she gets everything off her chest.



  1. Oh my! That is just wrong. I'm hoping for the speedy recovery of your friend there, so that he'd be armed and trained to really hand those offenders a lesson or two. Everyone should be made capable of doing so, because we'll never know when we'll encounter something similar, right? In any case, I hope that he is faring better these days. All the best!

    Kelley Hale @ Krave Maga Academy San Diego

  2. Hi Kelley. His face isn't too bad but his teeth are a mess. Thankfully it's something that the dentist can put right in time. He's such a gentle lad. We are all just grateful that as bad as it is, it wasn't any worse. People don't think twice about pulling knives or using heads as footballs these days. Thanks for your concern. xx