Thursday, 5 February 2015

Loving Lidl....

... For their scrummy bakery section. I treated myself to a vanilla crown today. Highly recommended.
.... For their flowers. They're such a good price I pop a bunch in the trolley most weeks, unless I buy their big white lilies which last much longer. Today's choice was Alstremeria, more commonly known, (although not to me), as Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas.
.... For their random items that bring a smile to my face and very occasionally catch my eye like this lovely set of little vases. I thought I might be able to put a tea light in them but the necks are just a smidgen too small.
Then the guilt kicked in. It all felt a bit "It's all about me", so on the way to school I popped into the newsagents and picked up these two cutie pies for Amy and Thomas. 
Yes, I know they each get a big cookie on Thursdays, but it's surprising how much guilt can be eradicated by a chocolate chicken.

Joan has settled in nicely in her new home. We went to see her this afternoon and she was sat in the lounge wide awake taking in everything that was going on around her. Tom took her some chocolate eclairs which she shared with the man sat next to her. Every time he had one he  took his teeth out and was sat there with his toffee paper in one hand and his dentures in the other. Bless them. Anyway, no hint of upset or being confused or wanting to come home which makes everything so much easier for us all.


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