Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Kennels, Vets and Money

The kennels got back to me yesterday and they do have room for Wendy and Sparky. They will stay for 3 nights in April which will cost £90. They will both need a vaccination for kennel cough which will cost £21 each and Sparky needs his jabs which will cost £61. Total cost £193. Yikes! They'll have to go again in May as well for 4 nights so that'll be another £120. We've never had to pay before, Tom and Joan or Matthew have had them, but from now on we'll have to factor the cost into our trips away.

Anyway, there's no time like the present so Sparky was booked in for his jabs this afternoon. He goes for his next lot in 2 weeks. While there I also bought some flea drops and worming tablets. That was another £20 gone. 

On the way home I bought some chicken for a curry and Amy asked for a Twirl chocolate bar. I only buy chocolate from the £1 shop - usually 3 bars of dairy milk or 5 fudge. One Twirl cost me 63p! I'm so out of touch with some things.

Then I put my cashpoint card in the machine at Tesco and it swallowed it. Somebody was looking down on me though because a Tesco employee immediately appeared out of the security door next to it and asked me if I'd just put a card in. After confirming my name he very kindly handed it back to me. 

Which is just as well as it still has a lot more work to do over the next few days. 


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