Thursday, 19 February 2015

Half Term Lessons

Amy was in school this morning for a 3 hour science lesson. The first half was biology and the second half physics. She wasn't very happy but as she said at least it wasn't on her birthday and she didn't have to wear uniform. It must be quite common these days because my nephew has also been in his school this week.

This meant that with no in-house babysitter we had to peel Thomas out of his PJ's so that he could come shopping with us, which is such a novelty for him he actually enjoyed it. Lidl purchase of the day was this. I threw the label away before I could check it so I've no idea what it's called but after a quick google I think it might be a succulent called Haworthia. 
I spent half an hour making these cone dresses this afternoon. Imagine arms and a head, (both turning out to be much more fiddly than I thought, but I think I'm getting there), and do you see the possibility of a peg doll?
I've also bought these buttons and might have a go at making some sort of bracelet. 
We're off to Mum's in half an hour and then it'll be PJ's on and an episode of mine and Mark's guilty pleasure - Sons of Anarchy. The only problem with the programme is that the characters are loveble rogues and I get quite attached to them, but they have a habit of dying off fairly regularly and in pretty gruesome circumstances. I really like the storyline but there are times when I'm sat with my hands over my eyes until certain scenes are over.

I've never been good with blood whether it be the real thing or fake much to Mark's amusement.


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