Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Growing Up

I was up early this morning and by 9am Amy's cake was in the oven. While it was cooling I nipped into Middleton. I wanted to buy her a jumper and something from Thomas. She loves these soft fluffy jumpers and I think she'll like the bracelet.
When I got back I got down to some cake decorating. It was easy enough to do. Jam in the middle, on top and sides. Roll the icing out, cover the cake and trim. Open packets and decorate. Then add candles. I think it looks pretty OK, even if I do say so myself and the chocolate triangles will be a good guide for cutting. It's under wraps now until tomorrow.

Once again I managed to make a mess, but as I'm the one who clears it up along with all the mess other people make it doesn't bother me too much. Mother's mantra of 'tidy as we go' seems to have deserted me recently.
Amy and her friend got ready here for her birthday lunch. I did a double take when they came downstairs. Gone were the leggings, t-shirt and converse; dresses and heels were the order of the day. They both looked lovely and had gone to a lot of effort with hair and make-up. She went to the Red Hot World Buffet in Manchester with 2 girls and one boy. She had me laughing the other day about the boy. The teacher had called him over-dramatic and this was in a drama lesson and was nothing to do with his acting! Mark took them and picked them up and by the sounds of it they had a great time. Oh to be a teenager again. I wouldn't do anything different, I'd just do more of it.

The girls were stuffed when the got back but managed to squeeze in a pancake each. Thomas managed to eat 8 although they weren't massive. No fancy toppings this year just sugar and lemon.
 Of course, Thomas wanted to see a pancake being tossed and Mark did the honours.  

And much to Thomas' delight, because it was his pancake, he managed to catch it. What a hero!


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