Friday, 13 February 2015

Grade A Students

I started the day with my usual bowl of porridge and added a few blueberries left over from the punnet I bought yesterday. Generally the day goes downhill from here food wise but as long as I've had my morning oats I feel quite virtuous and if I've added fruit then I'm nothing less than a Saint.

This morning I had an e-mail from the lady who organises the Dress Charity. It simply said, "I have received the dresses, they are lovely, thank you very much". She has a degree in textiles and over 40 years of sewing experience and her one-liner felt like the equivalent of getting an A off the teacher. Mind you, I expect she'd be far too polite to say "The dresses are carp, please don't bother sending any more". In a bid to up the 'frilly' stakes, I've had a go at making a fabric flower. Here is my prototype which I'm happy to admit is still a work in progress!
I popped into Middleton and picked up a couple of things for my next project. The pegs should be here early next week and I'll have to order some pipe cleaners and wooden beads on line as I couldn't find any in the shops.

Thomas came home with his school report last night. This one was much more personalised than usual and made enjoyable reading. However, the teacher had forgotten to grade him for his effort and behaviour in class. Now we all know Thomas can't abide loose ends so this morning as well as his book bag, lunch box and water bottle, he had his report with him which he gave back to her so she could get his mark. Thankfully, he got A's otherwise we could have had a melt down on our hands as he really does put 100% effort in and his behaviour is excellent.

So me and my boy are both Grade A students today. 


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