Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Family Meeting

I called a family meeting last night. They take place straight after tea when we're all together and they're for the sole benefit of me getting small gripes off my chest. Nobody else is allowed to call them, only the matriarch of the family.

My gripes this time were:
1. Toothbrushes need to go back in the holder
2. Person to use the last of the toilet roll must replace it
3. Anybody who doesn't want their socks inside out must put them in the washing basket the right way as I refuse to waste any more of my life fiddling about with them
4. Amy is welcome to borrow my make-up but must return it
5. The person who clears the table must also scrape the plates

Tonight I didn't clear the table but I did scrape the plates and I wasn't the person who used the last of the toilet paper but I did change the toilet roll! Oh well. 

I did a little bit more sewing this morning then stopped for elevenses. Coffee, carrot cake and a catch up with Mr Selfridge. 
The sun has been shining here and today has been the first day of the year where the washing has dried on the line. It's blooming cold tonight though.

Mum comes home later on this evening. She's been away for 10 days and it's flown by. My niece will put her on the train at Cheltenham and we don't need to meet her at this end as Manchester is the last stop so there's no chance of anything going wrong. Touch wood. 

I've just helped Thomas with his homework. It was working out area and perimeter. He didn't actually need any help, but if I hadn't got the book out of his bag, the pencil from the box, opened the book at the right page and sat with him while he did it, it would never get completed. And I do like to hand my homework in on time!



  1. Doesn't seem to get any better the older they get. I hear myself constantly muttering 'I'm not the bliddy maid'. Hope Joan is settling in.

  2. My mum keeps telling me that as well. Joan is settling in fine thank you. I don't think she's aware she's moved. It's all been much easier than we anticipated thankfully. xx