Friday, 20 February 2015


... Hair... Thomas has had his half term hair cut. He's growing up now and he was very specific as to how he wanted it to look. It's much easier going to the barbers these days. He used to be frightened of the clippers and would only let the barber use scissors, but thankfully he's got over that so as long as there isn't a queue we're pretty much in and out. He still doesn't like the hair gel bit though but it's obviously the barbers piece de resistance as everybody, from young to old gets a dollop on their head and a bit of styling. So Thomas suffers in silence but its straight in the bath to wash it off as soon as we get in.
... Dresses... I've cut 3 dresses out ready for sewing next week. If it's a pillowcase I don't mind doing this as I've really only got to cut out the armholes. But if it's material I find it a bit of a drag. I'm more of a chopper than a cutter which means I have to spend a lot of time straightening edges up. I'm working on my neatness though. They don't take long to sew from this point so I'm hoping to get them done and parcelled up to send by next Friday.
... Melon ... Cut into tiny pieces because me and Amy love it but can't stand juice running down our chins. Two bites or one big chomp and these are gone. No mess melon pieces - perfect.

... It Fine ... The day has been one of appointments, drop offs, pick ups, shopping, Doctors etc. etc. Trying to co-ordinate everybody and everything has meant there's been a lot of clock watching today. 

It's over now though - time to put our feet up. 


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