Monday, 16 February 2015

Birthday Preps

It's Amy's birthday on Wednesday and she put her birthday cake request in this morning. She wants a homemade Victoria sandwich with strawberry jam but no cream and for the icing she wants that "lovely white stuff that you roll out". I added a few daisies and some chocolate triangles to the basket as well for decoration. 
She's sleeping at her friends tonight so I took the chance of her being out to wrap some gifts. She's only got a few bits and pieces to open as she's going for something to eat with her friends and will be getting birthday money. There's a book, a reed diffuser, some chocolate and sweets.
I just used tissue paper for wrapping and made some flowers and fans to pretty it all up.
Now, I'm going to share something with you. This is the state my table gets into when I'm doing anything crafty. I just can't seem to keep tidy and spread over whatever available space there is.
We went to see Joan this afternoon and took some chocolate eclairs for her. She seems to have her own seat which is next to the man who also loves sweets. He was struggling with his dentures again and took them out several times to suck the toffee off them. She was sat with a little group of people and I offered them all a sweet. Needless to say it went quiet for a good 10 minutes. Personally, I think these care homes are missing a trick. If I had one there would be no drugs administered, just bags of toffee constantly on offer and I would bulk buy steradent.



  1. Good choice, Amy. Home baked birthday cakes are just the best. This post reminded me of the time I visited my dad in his nursing home to find the staff trying to return sets of dentures to their proper owners. Apparently some residents (thankfully not including my dad!) had had the idea to swap teeth.

  2. I don't think you can beat a homemade cake whatever the occasion. The teeth swap is funny. I can imagine care home residents getting up to all sorts. The man who eats the sweets also thanks us for visiting him when we're leaving! He must think we're part of his family. xx