Sunday, 15 February 2015

Beer Tasting

Mark went on a beer tasting session today with Matthew, so there was no Sunday lunch to cook. Instead we all sat down to a big breakfast. It was an 'official' session, Matthew bought it him for Christmas and they were both really looking forward to it. 

After dropping him at the station I came home and sat down to paint the pegs which arrived yesterday. They're a bit different than the ones used for hanging washing out, in that they have flat bottoms so they can stand up. They also come with a little holder. There were 10 in the pack and they cost me £1.95.
 The first job was to paint them. I used to love painting with Amy and Thomas when they were little but it was just me and myself today and I gave them 2 coats simply because I was enjoying it so much!
Then I painted the bases. I've seen some pictures where people have painted shoes onto the stands but I'm not that artistic so I've painted them to match the colour of the material I'm going to use for their dresses.
 I read a tip that using clear nail polish would add shine but it didn't work very well so for a bit of extra sparkle I stuck on some 'jewels' that I've had in the craft box for years.

Then I cut some pieces of material ready for the next part. I'm just waiting for the pipe cleaners and beads to arrive now. The heads will be the hardest part. I have no idea what their faces will end up looking like, but all I can do is give it my best shot. At the very worst I'll have some pretty pegs for my washing.
I got a text from Mark at 4pm to say what a fantastic afternoon they'd had. As well as the tasting, they were given a talk and there were platters of cheese, meats and bread on offer, no doubt to help soak up some of the alcohol. 

However, the official 'can you pick me up' phone call didn't come until 7pm so they'd obviously carried out their own tasting experiments. I'm not complaining though. Mark has done so much sorting out for his mum and dad since Christmas that he deserves an afternoon off duty. 


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