Monday, 2 February 2015

A New Home

I was up early today - well 7am, which is early for me. Anyway, I came downstairs, opened the kitchen blinds and was met with this beautiful sky. I'd love to be a morning person but I'm just not, which is sad really if I'm missing this. 
 My early get up meant there was more on offer for breakfast than the usual 2 bowls of cereal that Thomas chomps his way through. Scrambled egg and toast is a favourite at the moment, although if I offer scrambled egg on toast he refuses.
My hyacinths are shrivelling up - do they really only last 2 or 3 weeks? Never mind, the crocus are in full bloom instead.
 Joan's move from the assessment centre to the home went smoothly. Me and Tom went in the taxi with her and Mark was waiting at the home when we arrived. We all sat in the dining room with her and she seemed fine. It was nearly lunchtime and she was more interested in what was on the menu than anything else. Tom stayed and had his lunch with her and then Mark collected him later on. Our saving grace is that even though she's been in the assessment centre for 5 months, she probably doesn't remember being there.

The bias binding arrived today so I pinned it in place. It took 3 attempts before I was happy and then I took the bull by the horns and sewed it on. The first one was perfect but I had to unpick the second one as I'd missed about 2" of material. The finished result is quite cute and for a few moments I felt a bit broody. I wanted a little girl all of my own to dress up.  

The feeling didn't last long though and after a cup of tea and Broadchurch I'd seen sense.


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