Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Stitching in the Ditch

Well, trying to! I pinned the quilt together last night. Then I read that you can buy adhesive to hold the pieces together which would probably have been a lot easier. But I would have needed to order it on-line which would have meant waiting a few more days and I wanted to get on with it.
So I got the sewing machine out this afternoon and sat down to have a go at stitching in the ditch. Oh Boy! It was much harder than I thought. The material kept moving and 'bubbling' and I had to unpick my first two attempts. Then the quick unpick rolled onto the floor and before I could get to it Wendy stole it. She's taken it upstairs somewhere and I still can't find it.
The safety pins weren't working so I took them all out and tacked the pieces together. By now I was wishing I'd ordered the glue. 
It worked a bit better than the pins so then it was a case of getting it under the machine and starting again.
The quilt measures about 3x4 ft and I found it hard to handle so I've no idea how people cope with anything bigger. Maybe it's all down to practise and experience.

Truthfully, I really did not enjoy this part of quilting one bit. I didn't expect it to be perfect but my attempts at stitching in the ditch were terrible, so I just sewed straight lines up and down and even they leave a lot to be desired.

It wasn't so much a sense of achievement I felt today than a sense of relief when it was all over.

I'm only hoping the border will be easier. I'm torn between leaving it for a few days or meeting it head on and trying to get it finished by the end of the weekend. We'll see what happens.



  1. Quilting looks so complicated. I wouldn't know where to start and am in awe of anyone who can produce one. You're doing really well so keep going!

  2. stitching in the ditch is difficult, don't be too hard on yourself x straight lines are a good way to start, but to get them perfect you really need to mark them, or some quilters use a piece of masking tape to sew up against, and then peel it off, move it over an inch? and then repeat.

    i love the lighthouse picture you commisioned, just gorgeous x

  3. Ah, tricks of the trade. I should have asked you first if there was an easy way of doing it. I like the idea of using masking tape. Will try that if I make another one. xx