Sunday, 18 January 2015

Snow - Sort Of

About 7pm last night it arrived. Well, it put in a brief appearance and made a half hearted attempt to stick around. Me and Thomas took full advantage and put our coats and gloves on and went out to have a snowball fight. I'm afraid I showed no mercy much to Thomas' delight.

I promised him we would go out again in the morning to resume hostilities but when we woke up it had all gone. Not to be deterred we went out and scraped both cars and managed to get a good 10 minutes out of our bounty.

When I couldn't feel my fingers I retreated inside where Thomas took great pleasure in aiming at my nose through the window.

 Ready, take aim......

 We are both hoping more snow is on the way. A snowball fight is great but we want enough to build a snowman


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