Friday, 16 January 2015

Permitted Guilt Free Pleasures

Today I swept all the floors upstairs and down and hoovered. This meant I could finish my birdhouse without feeling guilty that I really should be doing something else. The best part was sticking on these cute bits and pieces.
Here's the finished product. The owls are my favourite.
Then I peeled a mound of potatoes and made corned beef hash for tea. This meant that I could crochet some 'guilt free' flowers. I only mastered this art earlier in the week and although they're not perfect I'm really pleased with them.
I popped into Middleton for some compost and while I was there bought a couple of pasties and a newspaper for Tom and picked up an oramorph prescription for him. On the way back I dropped them in to him and made him a brew. Which meant I could indulge in some more 'guilt free' activities of the green fingered variety.
Amy has had her tetanus, diphtheria, polio and MenC injections at school. She says it didn't really hurt at the time but her arm is aching now. I've no idea why there's so much blood on her sleeve but this meant I could give her a 'careful' big hug. And there were absolutely NO guilty feelings about that.



  1. Cute birdhouse. I love those little red bobbly thingummies. I bought hyacinths when I was in Lidl as I love the scent when the flowers open. Didn't see any bagpipes, though. Pity.

  2. Thank you. I've never bought a hyacinth before so I'm looking forward to seeing it grow. I could always post you some bagpipes if you feel the need haha. xx