Monday, 5 January 2015

Monday and McD's

Number 38 has seen a fair bit of TLC today in the shape of housework. For a bit of variety I decided to do upstairs first but when I came down this is what I found. A ripped up Harry Potter passport, a chewed yo-yo, Amy's knitting pulled off the coffee table and a soggy Christmas gingerbread man that I'd rammed into the back of the sofa supposedly out of the way.The culprit? Wendy. It's like having a naughty toddler in the house at times.
When I sat down to take a breather for 5 mins and give her some attention, she looked at me, obviously decided she'd done enough damage and curled up in her basket and went to sleep.
The first day back at school seems to have gone well. Thomas had a few butterflies, he's always nervous about going back after a holiday but he went in fine. It's easy to forget how far he has come but there was a time not that long ago when he couldn't leave me without at least a dozen kisses, hugs, love you's, and waves. 

Amy was up and ready to go as usual. The best part of her day is walking to school with her friends, so she's always keen to get out of the house in the morning. They tickle me these teenage girls. There are several phone calls or texts between them every morning while they're getting ready. What they have to say that can't wait until they meet up is beyond me. Being practical and more to the point, terrible at getting up,  I always think 'if you didn't spend all that time on the phone, you'd be able to have another 20 minutes in bed'.

Mark went to look at a couple of homes today. He was pleased with everything he saw and the reception he got. He arrived unannounced but both Managers were more than happy for him to go in and have a look round. Neither have any beds at the moment, but he's looking so that we know which home we think Joan would be happy in if any become available. There is the possibility of a bed at one in a couple of weeks, but it's not a case of just putting your name down. There is no waiting list as such. Instead the first thing they would do is go out and assess Joan to see if they can meet her needs and then of course funding has to be looked into. 

In an attempt to try to get Joan to eat something we took her a McDonalds Happy Meal tonight. She used to love going to McDonalds and would line up all the toys on the shelf above her bed. Bless Her. Our thinking was she might be tempted by something she used to really enjoy and that tasted a bit different to what she's getting in the home. It worked as well. She ate it and here she is checking out the box for any stray fries.

She's such a sweetie. I really couldn't have a better mother-in-law.


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