Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Let them eat pie!

Today didn't start very well. I left the car lights on last night and this morning the battery was flat. Mark was having a late start and wasn't dressed, so he ended up driving us to school in his PJ's. We called the RAC out when we got home and they were with us within 30 minutes and all was back to normal again. Inevitably I've had to suck up a few 'comments' from Mark throughout the day. Ah well. 

It's blooming freezing here at Number 38. The only plus side to this is that it's because snow might be imminent. I fancy a bit of snow. We've not had any at all yet and I'm feeling pretty left out. I want a picture of snow laden boughs on my blog.
The cold weather called for something warm and filling, so I made a steak and mushroom pie. This was another culinary experiment so once again there were roast potatoes and vegetables as back up as well as chicken nuggets for Thomas. We made some progress tonight, the only person who didn't eat it was Thomas. I do have to remember that he has a problem with the texture of food but he did ask for a piece on his plate which is a step forward.

Here is a pre-cooked photo. Once again I forgot to take a picture of it cooked. 
Tom had his last test today before he goes back to see the consultant tomorrow. It was a lung function test and he seemed to do OK. I thought he might be put through his paces on a treadmill but all he had to do was sit down and blow into some tubes.

Tomorrow we should know for definite what the next steps and choices will be.



  1. The snow arrived here last night. Not that I'm bragging......

  2. Don't be peevish and send some over here lol xx We woke up to DULL and GREY - again. :( xx