Sunday, 4 January 2015

Last Day of Christmas Hols

Today is the last day of the Christmas holidays at Number 38. Amy and Thomas go back to school tomorrow and I will miss them - a lot. The older they become the more I enjoy them being at home. Mind you, I've not always felt like this. They both went to nursery and there were times (plenty in fact), when I was glad to see the back of them for a few hours! Now, I can't wait for them to come home. 

We spent a bit of time this afternoon making sure bags were packed, pencil cases and PE kits were to hand, new school trousers were shortened and homework was completed. 

I've managed to fit in a few more rows of crochet and Amy has started knitting. She chose red!
Thomas has been on his Xbox and in between completing Spiderman missions has also been reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid. 

We had a phone call late this afternoon from Tom. Joan fell out of her bed in the home last night. He's been to see her and he says she seems OK apart from a mark on her hand. She can't remember anything about it and was more interested in eating the chocolate limes he'd taken in for her!

The staff told us last week that she's not eating much anymore, sometimes only one mouthful at each meal. We've seen ourselves them trying to tempt her at supper time with a sandwich, a biscuit, a piece of cake, crackers and cheese, but she refuses it all. I think we'll ask about her having some nutritional drinks when we go tomorrow.

I'll have to remember to put it on our long Tom & Joan list of 'things to remember to do/ask'.


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