Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Back to winter

Just to keep me on my toes it snowed this morning so I had to revert back to winter mode. Then it rained and the snow disappeared leaving us with wet and grey, so I now want spring again. Mum would call me fickle and she'd be right.
I bought a pair of Pyjama bottoms in the sale at BHS. They were reduced from £16 to £8 and are a lovely fleecy cotton. I never buy a PJ set because my top is bigger than my bottom so I just match the bottoms up with a t-shirt. I also bought some reduced Christmas chocolates and 3 pairs of tights for Amy.

It would seem that beds in care homes are just like buses - they all arrive at once. We had a phone call yesterday letting us know there was a bed in one of the homes Mark had been to see a couple of weeks ago. Just to make sure Tom was certain about where he wanted Joan to go we took him to have a look round but he decided to go with the initial one.

Tonight Thomas has to write three subordinating sentences and three relative clause sentences. I recall him doing this at the beginning of term and having to look it up on the internet so I could help him. Thankfully he knew what to do this time because to be quite honest I'd forgotten and I didn't have a clue and neither did Amy. It turns out when she was at primary they were called connective sentences. 
They've also changed the way they do times tables so for example if they were saying their 6 times tables, instead of saying 1x6=6, 2x6=12, 3x6=18, they say 6x1=6, 6x2=12, 6x3=18. I know this shouldn't make any difference but I'm really struggling to invert my brain. I just wish the basics of education would stay the same.


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