Sunday, 25 January 2015

It's good to talk

Our meal last night was lovely and the chef at Number 38 ain't half bad. Although the food was great I got the most enjoyment out of the conversation that flowed around the table and all the different subjects that got covered. As parents we try to answer as truthfully as possible any questions that arise and trust me our parenting skills were put to the test last night.

The fillet cost £16.50 and we bought 2 bottles of wine for £9.50 which meant that with the starter and dessert our 3 course meal for 4 cost just over £30, which is much cheaper than going out.

I get a lot of pleasure from setting the dining table and lighting a candle.
And I love faffing around trying to make a simple dessert look a bit fancy.
 Thomas enjoyed the home made bread, tried a bit of the soup, ate a plateful of fries and managed a couple of pieces of steak. He didn't want any profiteroles though.

But he did keep us entertained while we ate ours by telling us that when he grows up he's going to be a policeman, work for the RSPCA or be a computer hacker. He also covered camping, terrorism, sex and told us a few jokes. 

It all made for a far more interesting meal than if Mark and myself had gone out on our own and as the saying goes "it's good to talk".


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