Friday, 23 January 2015

I feel like the hungry caterpillar

In an attempt to try once again to lose some weight I have had a biscuit free week and chosen fruit instead. Today I've had strawberries, 2 pears and a tangerine and I'm beginning to feel like the hungry caterpillar. If I haven't lost any weight tomorrow after my sterling efforts I will be hitting the chocolate digestives again. 

I had a message from Josie Russell today. My lighthouse commission is finished. She sent me a sneak preview to make sure I was happy with it. I can't wait for it to arrive and I promise I will unveil it to you all as soon as I get it. If you haven't seen her work, type in  'Josie Russell Facebook' and have a look. I could have collected it directly from her which I would have loved to do so that I could meet her and thank her personally, but unfortunately, we live too far away.

Amy was one of 20 students chosen to attend a talk by somebody from Cambridge University today and Thomas won a Headteacher award for good work so there was a lot of one-upmanship at the dining table tonight which was quite amusing.



  1. I'm no fruit bat, I have to admit, but I love blueberries and can polish off a punnet in no time. Looking forward to seeing your lighthouse (Josie is very talented, isn't she?). I miss those dinnertime conversations.

  2. I could eat soft fruit especially bananas all day long but anything that you have to crunch like an apple seems like hard work lol. Dinner time conversations can be fun that's for sure. xx