Saturday, 3 January 2015


That's how I'm feeling. That's how my house feels. And that is definitely how the outside world looks today. There is no reason for how I feel, it's just one of those 'life feels grey' days.

In a bid to inject some colour into my psyche I resurrected a blanket from the depths of my wardrobe that I've been making for months. I crocheted 2 blankets fairly quickly in 2013, but this one is a bit like Lazarus. I keep putting it down where it waits patiently for months to be brought back to life.

I also made a trip to our local greengrocer/florist and bought myself 2 bunches of tulips. I don't know why but I am constantly drawn to red either in flowers or home decor. I'm going to wean myself of it this year and try some other colours. I think I just love the boldness and impact this colour can create.

I love our little shopping area. It's like a small village high street. As well as the greengrocer we have an excellent butcher, a co-op, a tesco, lloyds pharmacy, a card/gift shop, a newsagents, 2 cafes, 2 hairdressers/beauty salons, a library, a betting shop and a pub, plus plenty of parking.

Back home I made myself and Amy a whippy cream hot chocolate and I had mine with a piece of Christmas cake.

Mark's Dad rang to say he'd received 3 letters in the post, each one is an appointment he needs to go to. I'm really impressed to be honest. It was only on New Years Eve that he had his scan and saw the consultant. We've not seen the letters ourselves yet, but according to Tom on Wednesday he has to go and have an echo cardiogram, the following Monday a full body scan and then on Tuesday an MOT to see how his lungs etc are functioning.

He came for his tea last night and seems quite philosophical about the whole thing. His main worry seems to be making sure Joan will be alright if he goes first. 

Anyway, I'm off to do a few more rows of crochet and to try to choose a different colour of wool than red!



  1. I've started another blanket here. Wish I could do stripes like yours, though. I only seem to manage to go round and round. Good to hear about the efficiency of the NHS. Some parts work so very well, thank goodness.

  2. Touch wood the NHS has always worked for us and there have been some major problems over the years within the family. It makes my heart bleed when I read about how badly some people are let down by the service. xx