Monday, 12 January 2015


Mark took Tom for his PET scan today at Christie's hospital. Everything went alright and they were back just after lunch. Tom was advised not to go near anybody for a few hours to avoid exposing people to radiation so I'm not sure why I came downstairs to find him sat on my sofa drinking coffee. Mark will definitely be glowing later on as he was sat in the car next to him for an hour as well.

We've decided to add another day onto our Holy Island trip at Easter. From the island we are going to head up to Edinburgh for the night and visit the Royal Yacht Britannia. We've booked a room in the Holiday Inn Express which will more than suit our needs of just wanting somewhere to lay our heads.
Matthew will be looking after the dogs for us, so I think we will also be stopping over somewhere on the way back. Haven't decided where yet, but it will probably be around the Lake District area.

We've definitely decided that our main holiday this year will be in the UK. I said last year that I'd quite like to go to Dorset but after hearing on the news that the cost of holiday accommodation has risen by 200% because of Broadchurch, we might have to re-think our plans.

Anyway, I'm off to get Thomas out of the bath and into his PJ's so that I can settle down and watch the next episode of the programme that seems to be making Dorset so popular.


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