Monday, 19 January 2015

Crochet Picture

Crocheting flowers is addictive and I've had to stop because although I love making them I've no idea what to do with them. I decided with these few that I would make a picture. 
Every flower needs a stem and after a little bit of thought I tried crocheting 2 greens together at the same time in chain stitch. 

I think they turned out OK. I bought a load of wool 2 years ago to crochet a blanket with as part of my HA recuperation, so I've just used what's in the box. It's nothing special but was fine for what I needed. 

At first I tried one stem per flower, but it looked a bit, well stemmy. 
Then I tried adding buttons to the centre of each flower but couldn't decide whether they looked better with or without.
While I was pondering I went back to a youtube tutorial I'd found called happyberry to see how to make leaves. Her teaching technique seems to have just clicked with me, probably because she goes quite slowly and I can crochet along with her.

By making the flowers and leaves I've now learnt what a slip stitch, half double, double and treble crochet stitch is. I've also learnt how to increase and decrease. I wouldn't be able to read a pattern though. I'm much better at watching somebody do things.

Then Mum came down for her usual cup of coffee and game of chess with Thomas. I showed her what I'd made and quite naturally she arranged the flowers, stems and leaves like this. Perfect.
I'd made a 'vase' and put the flowers in it to see what they looked like. Not sure. 
Finally, I decided. Flowers bunched together. Less stems. No buttons and no vase - mainly because of the size of the picture frame I had.

I steamed all the pieces and just used a glue stick to hold them in place.
And here's the finished product.  I've had this frame for years. It seems to be a week of dragging things from the back of wardrobes and cupboards, dusting them off and putting them to use again. 
I've hung it in the porch where the birdhouse is. 
Another enjoyable few days faffing around in between the normal household duties. 


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