Thursday, 22 January 2015

Big Cookie Day

Every morning Thomas asks me what day it is. When I say Thursday his face lights up and he says "Yeah, big cookie day".
I put a primrose and a bunch of tulips in the shopping trolley today. I'd really like the primrose to go on the coffee table to add a bit of colour to the room but Wendy hasn't been overly blessed in the brain department and will quite happily munch her way through any plant or flower she can get to. So it's gone on the kitchen windowsill. I'm going to have a look in the shed later and see if I can find a plant pot.

I could only see one set of bagpipes in Lidl this morning so some poor neighbours in the Middleton area must be suffering at the moment.

Tom treated us to a carvery lunch and very nice it was too. He mentioned he'd like a holiday but didn't want to go on his own so I said we'd take him away for a few days if he liked. He did like, very much, and within an hour of getting home we'd booked a lovely hotel on the front at Lytham St Annes for a few days.

I love Lytham. We used to go for weekends before the kids were born and we've taken them with us a fair few times since. It's only an hour away and is very quaint with its promenade, gardens, bandstand and outdoor paddling pool. The beach is lovely and it has a nice shopping area, plus it's very quiet and family orientated (in an understated way). 

We're not going until the weather gets warmer but it's on the calendar and I'm really looking forward to it already.


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  1. I don't know Lytham St Annes but from your pictures it looks perfect for a little getaway (and like a bigger version of my favourite seaside town up here). That cookie also looks perfect.