Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bagpipes Anyone?

A bit of inside information from one who shops at Lidl. If anybody is looking for a kilt and bagpipes then I recommend you get down to one of their stores pronto as they have them in stock!

I couldn't really justify buying a set so opted for some bulbs instead. I picked crocus and hyacinth and tomorrow will buy a small bag of compost and plant them up. I bought the bowl over 20 years ago and it's one of those things I won't get rid of because every so often it comes in handy for something or other.
The tickets for the Royal Yacht Britannia arrived in the post today. It's cost us £40 for a family ticket and we could have taken another child for this price. Over the next few weeks I will be instructing the family on how to hold their little pinkies up for when we 'take tea' in the Royal Deck Tea Room.
I've made a start on the birdhouse and am thoroughly enjoying myself. There's something about getting absorbed in a craft project isn't there.  
 It's a very simple project, the only fiddly bit was cutting out the slots, although if I'd had a craft knife it would have been much easier. 
 The paper is sticky backed so after cutting out the shapes it was just a case of peeling and sticking.
 And then slotting it all together to make the house.
Hopefully, tomorrow I will find some time to do the frilly bits and will post a picture of the finished product.


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