Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Apple Cake

Wendy wasn't well last night. She was sick twice. Once on the carpet and then for some reason she walked over to my slippers and was sick in one of those. Nice. I'm sure Cesar Millan would be able to read something into that.

I read in school this morning for half an hour. The children have PE at 9.30 so I'm away quite early on Tuesdays. Just as well really as I had a load of housework to do that took up the rest of the morning. I can't decide whether I'm getting slower in my old age or whether we're getting more untidy or maybe a combination of both, but I swear I never used to spend this much time cleaning.

I made Amy's favourite pudding this afternoon. Apple upside down cake. Given half the chance she'd eat most of this by herself and still be a skinny minnie. I had 4 bruised gala apples so I just cut these up and cooked them in water for 10 mins, then put them in the bottom of the dish.
Then I mde a quick 'all in' 4oz cake mixture. I don't bother creaming and sieving these days and it always seems to turn out fine.
 Cover the apples with the mixture then into the oven for about 30-40 minutes.
 It's lovely on its own and we also have it with custard.  If Amy finds it first though we're lucky to get any.


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