Monday, 26 January 2015

All Aboard!

I'm typing this at the dining table and the fragrance from the hyacinths is beautiful. They've certainly come on in the couple of weeks since I bought them. One is packed full of petals while the other is looking a bit spindly but scent wise they are certainly doing their job.
Mum has gone to my sisters for a few days so I took her to the station this morning. I have to actually put her on the train because she has a phobia of getting on the wrong one ever since the time she ended up in Coventry instead of Cheltenham! That was probably about 17 years ago and somebody has had to accompany her right onto the platform ever since.

My owl material arrived this morning. The owls are a lot bigger than what I expected, they looked quite tiny on the photo, but I still love them. At some point this week I'll be taking my quilting journey to the next level and pinning the wadding and material together.
It's gone very cold here again and it's windy, but at least I've been able to dry two loads of bedding on the line.

I'm investigating Ingleton Waterfalls in Yorkshire for our 3rd night away at Easter. They look stunning and I'd love to go. There are 9 trails and I need to figure out whether there are any easy routes and if there are any hotels/B&B's nearby.


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