Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A Spendy Day

I was thinking this morning that Wednesday is my favourite day of the week. Mark takes Thomas to school so there's no rush for me to be dressed and ready to go as early as usual plus it's also Bury day.

Bury day means we are halfway through the week. It also means I get to look around the shops and market and it is more often than not a 'buy a new book to read' day. The highlight of the day though is breakfast at a lovely little cafe called 'Number 10' where my usual choice is poached eggs on toast. I am easily pleased and definitely a creature of habit.

Today I bought myself a new coat from BHS. Typically, most things in the store were reduced apart from what I chose. Never mind, I really like it and it was in the price range of what I was prepared to pay.  
 I always have a look in The Works and at least every couple of weeks will pick up a new book. Today I choose their offer of 3 for £5 and I make no apologies for the fact that they are of the easy reading rubbish ilk.

I also bought myself this bird house kit. I feel the need to create something and this will fit the bill nicely. If it looks anything like the picture on the box when it's finished then I will put it in the porch where it will go nicely with my bird photo frames.

And finally I bought myself a new notebook. It's a very basic A5 lined one, but there are different coloured sections, so I will be able to divide my life neatly into colour codes. Well that's the theory. I am already resigned to the fact that within a few days the reality will be that Amy, Thomas and Mark will have written in it and then I will no longer want to use it because it will be tainted. I'm a bit anal about things like that. 

Mark took Tom to see the consultant today. She has officially confirmed that Tom has lung cancer. He's decided not to have any treatment and she agreed that was probably for the best. Tom doesn't want to know any of the nitty gritty for the time being but Mark was sent home with a load of leaflets to read and the Macmillan nurse is ringing him tomorrow. She also told Mark that Tom has probably got 12 months left - give or take. 

They'd arranged a few days ago to meet Matthew at our local for something to eat and a few pints tonight and have continued with their plans, so it looks as though the motto is going to be 'carry on regardless', which is no bad thing.


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