Friday, 9 January 2015

2 down, 3 to go

Tom was booked in for a biopsy next Thursday but we got a phone call yesterday asking if we could get him there today for 8am to have it done. Both Mark and myself are really surprised (mainly because of Tom's age), at how many tests they are doing and how quickly they are doing them. Anyway, everything went fine and that's another one off the list. The situation now is 2 appointments down, 3 to go.

Amy went to Costco with her friend's parents last night and came home with these. The girls had gone dutch on cakes. I'm not a lover of shop bought cakes but these were more like a doughnut and they were scrumptious. Probably more so because I didn't pay for them. 
 I'm itching to get on with my quilt and think I have sourced some backing material. I remembered Mum had put away some old curtains which would be perfect and she's going to have a look and see if she can find them for me.

Sometimes Number 38 can smell a big doggy, especially in the wet weather, so I bought some of these to try. I'm not a lover of smelly things like air fresheners. The smell gets up my nose and seems to stay there all day. Hopefully these won't be too strong.

We are off to see Joan soon. Tonight we are taking her 2 scollops with plenty of vinegar to see if she will eat them. She's a fried potato fan so I'm sure she will. She's never bothered about 'healthy eating' and her favourite saying when she's eating something naughty is 'I'm not bothered, I'm well past my sell by date'.


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