Saturday, 13 December 2014

We're going on a Hamster Hunt

The hamster has escaped from her cage again. I've no idea how long she's been gone. Sparky and Wendy are in the dog house because one of them has nosed open the latch on her sleeping quarters and she has taken full advantage of this misdemeanour and done a runner. We've been on our hands and knees on and off all day looking under beds and in corners but as yet no luck. I've put a couple of raisins in her cage and left the door open so tomorrow if they've gone, I know she's been back and is still alive and kicking somewhere.
 It's foggy and damp where we are today. Thankfully, after a week of having to go out every day to do something or other, there was nothing on the agenda today, so I was quite happy just mooching around the house. In between hamster hunting and all the usual mundane household jobs, I joined my quilt up and trimmed it, did a bit of reading, watched a bit of TV and treated myself to a Baileys coffee. I really like this single/double measure, although Mark prefers his hand/eye co-ordination method.

I've also finally got round to making our Christmas donation to the Salvation Army. It's an easy enough job as it can be done on-line, but it's been on my to-do list for a couple of weeks now. I think my New Year's Resolution will be to stop procrastinating. Sometimes when I've got all day to do things in, nothing gets done at all. There is always the excuse of "oh, I can do that tomorrow". 
I've just been on Amazon and ordered some batting/wadding then I went over to Argos to order some heated rollers for Amy. She went to her friends last night before we went out and she did Amy's hair and make-up for her. She looked lovely and has decided she'd like some rollers for Christmas from Grandma. 


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