Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Three Things About Quilting

Three things I don't like about quilting: the mess of cotton and bits of material all over the place; the ironing board having to be out; the fact that nobody has yet invented a never ending spool of thread.
 Three things I really like about quilting: I'm not bad at it; the terminology - I love saying stitching in the ditch; my rotary cutter - using it is on a par with being allowed to light a match for the first time - the potential danger has become quite thrilling.

Three things I've learnt about myself while quilting: I have hidden addict tendencies - I'm already itching to start another; I have more patience than I thought I did; I'd be quite happy to let the family live off bread and jam in order to complete a block. 
Three things I still need to do: add a border; choose some backing material; sew it all together. 



  1. I'm very impressed. You've done a really good job. Nothing wrong with jam and bread for dinner when a block is in process. I mean, it's sweet and savoury all in one!

  2. The quilt looks so good. Drag out the slowcooker, throw some stuff in in the morning and quilt all day! Sounds great.

    1. Thank you. I'm pretty pleased with it I must admit. The slowcooker is a great idea. I just need to find a cleaner, a childminder and a dog walker and I'll be sorted lol. xx

  3. Indeed. At 47 years old I'm just about getting my priorities right. It was strawberry jam so that was the family's fruit intake of the day sorted! xx

  4. looking great! quilting is very addictive, and there have been plenty of times when I've been very grumpy about having to stop quilting to actually cook a meal!

  5. I'm not a food fan really, I eat to live not live to eat (although you wouldn't think so!) and often finds it interrupts what I really want to do. Hope you and all the family have had a lovely Christmas xx