Friday, 19 December 2014

Rita and Andre

There is great excitement at Number 38 today. School has finished and there are no more early get ups for 16 days. To add a little bit of festiveness to the house for when Amy and Thomas got in, I put on some music, put out some chocolate treats and placed a few adult presents under the tree. I also introduced our new addition to the family. Meet Rita the Reindeer. Someone connected to the home where Mark's mum is sells them and I just couldn't resist. 
 This is the exactly the sort of thing I love about Christmas. Thomas has been busy at school and he's made us a calendar, a Christmas card and a bauble decoration for the tree. The simplicity of it all is years old and it brought a tear to my eye.  
I bought my annual TV Times today and literally squealed when I saw 'Call the Midwife' will be on TV on Christmas Day. I love this programme so much and could listen to Vanessa Redgrave's voice all day long. It's just so soothing. As an added bonus 'Last Tango in Halifax' is also on. It just gets better and better.
My sister rang last night. She's booked tickets to see Andre Rieu in Manchester on Sunday. Her and her husband are taking Mum for her Christmas present and my nephew was also supposed to be going. But he wants to go to a party instead, so she asked me if I'd like to go. I'm not really sure it's my thing but as she said, it will be an experience. She took me to see Madame Butterfly a couple of years ago. It was the first opera I'd ever been to and I don't think I would go to another, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy the evening. 

And that's what life is all about isn't it - experiencing different things and keeping an open mind.



  1. Love Rita and those lovely handmade gifts from Thomas. Every Christmas, when we bring the decorations down from the loft (hasn't happened yet!), we come across the box containing the cards and calendars our two made over the years at school. I'm sure you'll enjoy the concert, even if the music isn't quite to your taste. You just can't beat a live performance.

  2. I'll be setting off in 1/2 hour. I'm quite excited about the whole thing. I love sitting back and being entertained. xx