Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Just when I thought it was over

I finished buying my Christmas presents and stocking fillers a few days ago and I've been sitting here smugly thinking, no more shopping, no more queueing and no more wrapping. 

Until Amy announced last night that she needed a present for a secret santa her class were doing and two presents for her friends and would I please just pop into town to get them for her. This was quickly followed by a request from Thomas for a present for his teacher and teaching assistants. 

So, after reading at school this morning I popped into Middleton and picked up some chocolate for the secret santa, two Charlie gift sets for the girls and wine and chocolates for the teachers. 

The driveway finally got done today. I woke up at 7am to knocking on the door and when I looked out of the window there was a big cement mixer pouring out concrete. It was still pretty dark outside but it didn't deter them from making a start.
 Throughout the day they've barrowed, poured and skimmed.
 Thrown some sort of dye all over the place.
Imprinted the pattern, which involves standing and stamping on little blocks of rubber moulding 
Working from one end of the drive to the other as though they were part of a Riverdance troupe
 It was all a bit manly for me, so I took myself into the kitchen where I got in touch with my feminine side and made a batch of fairy cakes.

Only to emerge to find that they'd finished for the day and covered the driveway to protect it from heavy rain. So I have missed the finished product and will have to wait until they return on Thursday for the grand unveiling.


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