Sunday, 21 December 2014

I've got a date

I started the day with a bit of cleaning. A quick wipe over of the glass tables, a freshening of the carpet and a bit of drying folded up soon eliminated any guilty feelings about going out to enjoy myself tonight while the family stay at home.
It was a cheats Sunday Lunch today. But everybody seemed more than happy with sausages instead of roast beef.
A continuous battle with rising BMI dictates that there are no longer any LBD's hanging in the wardrobe. I do have a lovely floaty butterfly top though which covers a multitude of sins and is now my faithful 'going out' outfit.
I'm having a sleepover at Mums. It will be easier and cheaper for us both to head back to hers after the concert.

Can't wait to see my sister. This was taken 20 years ago on our wedding day. It's really blurred but it's the only photo I could find of her.
And finally, here's my date. Andre, I really hope you don't let me down. 


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