Sunday, 14 December 2014

Goodbye Ginny

A strange and sad thing happened in the night. Ginny the hamster did return to her cage. We found her this morning curled up snuggly in her bed. Sadly, she had died. Thomas was distraught. He wanted to hold her for one last time, so we wrapped her in a pink flannel for him, then Amy found a little pink box with love hearts on which we put her in. After saying our final goodbyes to her Mark dug a hole in the back garden and we buried her. 

This was taken last year when we'd just got her. She was a cute little thing and although we will all miss her, we won't be replacing her. In the past we've had fish, guinea pigs, a rabbit and hamsters but I think our era of little pets has come to an end now.



  1. Oh no. I was hoping for a happy ending after your last post. It's always very sad to lose a much loved pet, however small.

  2. It is really sad to lose a pet and I think a lot of emotion came out yesterday that had been pent up for a couple of years. xx