Monday, 15 December 2014

Claim to Fame

We're going to see Nativity 3 on Christmas Eve, as long as I can book tickets that is. We have a little bit of a 'claim to fame' going on with this film. One of the children in it was in Thomas' class at his old school although the family moved back to their home town a few months before Thomas left. She was a lovely little girl and always had a smile on her face when she came to the office. Her mother was a different matter though. Talk about Pushy Parent. She complained about anything and everything and actually came in to make a complaint that her daughter hadn't been given the star role in the KS1 Nativity. What parent does that? Anyway we're looking forward to seeing Taliyah in action next week. She's the first little girl on the left with her arms folded. I can't wait to see her in the film. She looks a right little madam in this shot.

I'm on a bit of a pre-countdown, countdown this week. Only 4 more school drop offs, only 4 more pick ups, only 4 more packed lunches to make, only 4 more daily spelling tests and only 4 more reading records to fill in. YIPEE!  Then the real countdown can begin.

We are well and truly on our way now. Half the advent calendar chocolates have gone and my candle is certainly nearing the end of its life.
Thomas has said he doesn't want to go to a grotto this year. Me and Amy are not happy bunnies. We wanted to go to the Snowman and Snowdog one at the Trafford Centre. We're working on him, but I don't think he'll change his mind. We really do need a token child though and I'm wondering if it would be lacking in Christmas spirit if we forced him to come with us!



  1. I've come across a few parents like that over the years, unfortunately. Why not go to the grotto with Amy? I remember going with a friend from uni to see Santa in Harrods (it was a circus themed grotto and he was in a caravan). We queued with all the children and were even given badges by an elf.

  2. Oh I love caravans, we had one for a few years and it was great fun. A grotto caravan would be heaven. It wouldn't bother me, but Amy definitely wouldn't go without Thomas. Maybe I will just go and sit on Santa's knee on my own. xx