Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Day

By 12 midnight on Christmas Eve everybody was in bed and more importantly asleep, apart from Amy, which meant the presents and stockings could be put out. This year Amy helped with the footprints and reindeer hooves, but she has yet to master the skill fully as there are a few obvious hand prints there.

Our Christmas Day started at 6.20am. We've had much earlier ones in the past, so this was quite a decent hour for us.

Some things appear every year without fail, such as a selection box
 And chocolate coins
Other things are still a surprise like much wanted games for the DS.

Santa left a letter for Thomas this year explaining that a lot of children had asked for X-Box One's so not everybody had been able to have one. However, if he went in the room next door he'd find a special surprise. Yes, you've guessed it. Santa was very organised this year and he'd set it up and even downloaded the game Thomas wanted. This picture tickles me. When Thomas is concentrating really hard he sticks his tongue out.

By 7.15am, most presents had been opened and stockings had been emptied.
Unfortunately, by mid-afternoon some very HUMBUG people had hacked into Microsoft and taken down the x-box one thingy (I'm not really sure of the technicalities). What I do know is that it left thousands of children unable to play with their Christmas presents.

Although there was a bit of moaning from Thomas he quickly got over it and we had a fun hour playing some games he also got. Anyone remember Kerplunk. We had a real laugh playing this, mostly because I was really rubbish and kept getting all the marbles.

There are no foodie pictures because I was too busy getting it onto the table and eating it, but I did manage to take a quick photo of our Christmas cake before cutting into it. 
 Today, Aunty Edith, Ken and Tom are coming for tea. It will seem strange without Joan here and we did consider bringing her home for the day. However, the staff said that she is really settled where she is, which is true, and it would probably upset her having to leave us and go back to them. So we've taken their comments on board and have left her where she now thinks she lives. We went to see her Christmas Eve with the children, Tom went for his Christmas dinner with her yesterday and Matthew and his girlfriend are visiting her today. So at some point, we've all seen her which is nice.

I hope everybody who pops into Number 38 had a lovely Christmas Day and that you are also enjoying your Boxing Day.


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