Monday, 24 November 2014

Seeing Stars

Yesterday I tried to make another star. Within 10 minutes I'd changed the task to simply sewing squares of material together. There was no way in between making breakfast, constantly letting the dogs in and out, peeling veg for the Sunday roast, ironing, applying cold sore cream to Thomas' lip every hour, having to go to Argos to buy a new quilt for Amy (thank you Wendy), etc etc that I'd have been able to concentrate on anything more technical. 

So in between all the daily goings on that come with a family at home on a Sunday, I sat and sewed 60 pieces of material together to make the blocks that I need.
Easy enough, so you would think. But not for me. With the constant interruptions I kept sewing the wrong pieces of material together and I forgot on more than one occasion to sew them pattern to pattern. 

In the end I had to 'draw a plan' so that I knew where I was up to and what I was supposed to be sewing.
But I persevered and I now have a pile of blocks that should make 11 more stars.

And here is star number 2. Achieved in a calm manner, with time to think it all through and with no interruptions. I have come to the conclusion that quilting is best done during the week when I am on my own. 
When there is time to sit quietly, enjoy the moment and have the added bonus of looking up to see these beautiful lilies that Mark bought for me. 


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